Presbyopia is an age-related condition of the eye. It is believed that the natural lens in your eye thickens and stiffens over time. This inflexibility makes focusing your eye difficult when trying to view things close up. Trouble reading small print is a good example. This condition usually occurs around the age of 40 and can happen to anyone, even if they’ve had perfect vision for most of their life.

Some side effects of Presbyopia are blurry vision, eye fatigue or headaches while reading or viewing things close-up including viewing a computer screen.

A person suffering from Presbyopia may find that holding reading material further away or at an arms length will clear things up. This will help temporarily but reading glasses, bifocals, progressive addition lenses (PAL) or eye surgery will eventually be required to correct your vision.

While Presbyopia starts to occur at age 40, women seem to turn to corrective lenses or surgery sooner than men. The reason? A recent study suggests its because women’s arms are shorter than men’s and the hold-the-book-at-arms-length solution stops working sooner. Now there’s a fun fact for you.

Here at Jacksonville Vision Center, we’ll diagnose your vision and provide you with the solution that works best for you. We have a large selection of reading glasses, prescription lenses and frames and contact lens brands to meet your needs. Call us today!

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