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There are a few ideas you may have heard about your vision that probably aren’t true.  Like crossing your eyes may make them stay that way? Or wearing glasses makes you dependent on them? Read on to learn more about common myths and shocking truths.

Reading in dim light will hurt your eyes.  While reading in dim light may cause eyestrain, which is temporary and will go away after you rest your eyes, it will not cause permanent eye damage.

Eating carrots will improve your eyesight. Carrots have vitamin A, which is essential for sight, but eating a bunch of carrots (or a large amount of vitamin A) will not improve your sight. We all know a well balanced diet is needed for overall good health. Now where have you heard that before?

Did your mother ever tell you not to sit too close to the TV? Did she justify this by saying it will hurt your eyes? In truth, sitting too close will not hurt your vision, it may, however, suggest nearsightedness.  If you’re a teen or adult and still feel like you have to sit close to see the TV you should probably have your vision checked. Our mother’s told us to move back probably because we were blocking her view of the TV.

Reading often or reading the fine print, which we all do so diligently, is bad for your eyes. This is another doozy. Spending time reading is fine and in fact, a great way to improve your vocabulary, expand your knowledge and enhance your life. Reading the fine print may cause a little eyestrain but it certainly won’t damage your vision. And reading the fine print might help you understand your rights when that warranty expires exactly one day before your smartphone died or the microwave quit working.

Finally, we’ve all heard that you only need to see your eye doctor if your having vision problems. Sigh. Regular eye exams should be a normal part of your health care. Children should be tested at 6 months of age and again before entering school. Children and adults should have their eyes examined every 2 years to ensure no changes or loss in vision or eye health.  Your eye doctor may need to see you more often for treatment of diabetes, glaucoma or other health issues.

When was your last eye care checkup? Call us now for your regular eye care checkup and ask us about any vision concerns your have or other myths you may have heard. We’ll be happy to enlighten you. Call today! 910-219-3937

Eye Myths and Facts

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