Woman with glasses reading text message

A quiet beep was heard. Jill popped open her cell phone. She squinted her eyes briefly then held the phone at an arm’s distance and squinted some more.

Jill snapped the phone shut and sighed. “It probably wasn’t important anyway” she smirked to herself and added “I think its time to visit Dr. Taylor!”

Do you sound like Jill? Are you having trouble seeing or focusing on small print?

Can you read this without squinting?

If you feel like it might be time for readers or a stronger prescription, don’t wait.  Poor vision can lead to eye strain and fatigue.

Visit Dr. Taylor at Jacksonville Vision Center. His talented staff will help you find the perfect frames to complement your features. He’ll examine your eyes thoroughly to ensure you can see near and far, day and night.

Jill did, and she can see her text messages perfectly now without squinting!

For clear vision and stylish frames – Call (910) 219-3937 or stop in at Jacksonville Vision Center today.

Squinty Eyes
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