Halloween is a tradition that brings out the kid in all of us. Dressing up, gobbling up spooky treats and anticipating a few good scares are all customary during the last few days of October.

But dangers lurk everywhere during this Fall celebration.

Too much candy, kids running rampant at dark and dangerous pranks are some hazards that come with Halloween but what about costumes that go a step too far. In recent years, cosmetic lenses have grown in popularity, especially ones that change the look of your eyes for Halloween. Alien, Circle Eyes and Glow-in-the-Dark Lizard Eyes are all available for that over-the-top finish for your Halloween get up. But be careful – some lenses are sold without a prescription and that can lead to eye infection or injury or possibly permanent eye damage.

To avoid these possible mishaps, our best advice is to first get an eye exam. Even if you have perfect vision, the lenses need to be fitted to your eyes properly. Additionally, only purchase the lenses from a reputable vision center that requires a prescription. There are many lenses available on the internet, be cautious and follow our simple advice to have a fun and safe cosmetic lens experience.

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Have a SAFE Halloween!

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