Tragically, many eye injuries that occur each year could be prevented by wearing protective eye wear. Sports related injuries are among the most common followed by injuries from job or hobby accidents and finally injuries from heat or chemical mishaps.

The proper eye protection is usually low in cost and readily available for most activities. Persons playing any of the following sports should wear eye protection; basketball, baseball, water sports and racquet sports. Additionally, the following activities have consistently produced eye injuries; carpentry and construction, yard work, cooking, and hobbies that involve harmful chemicals.

Experts recommend having several pairs of protective eye wear on hand at work and your home to prevent eye damage and possible loss of vision.

Graphic Images of Eye Injuries might help sway your decision about protective eye wear. The fish hook in the eye is a real creep-out!

The obvious solution is to wear eye protection but here are some other tips.

  • Read the labels of any chemicals you work with and follow the guidelines provided.
  • Be cautious when doing yard work or mowing and move children and pets to a safe distance
  • Wear sunglasses when outdoors

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Prevent Eye Injuries
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