Boy with Good GradeWe all want things in our lives to be perfect. We want healthy kids with perfect grades. We want perfect skin and perfect white teeth. We want our homes and lawns to be perfect all year round. Striving for perfection is in our nature. It’s what helps move us forward and it makes us feel good to at least try to be perfect. Even though we know perfection is often unreachable.

Still, we wait for a perfect reason to do things that could really be done any ol’ day. We wait for birthdays to call up our friends and family to wish them well. We wait for sunny days to visit the beach when any ol’ day is a good day to visit the beach. We often wait for a tooth ache before we visit the dentist or have trouble focusing before we get our eyes checked. But we shouldn’t wait. Any time is a good time to get your vision checked and right now, we have an even better reason. We’re having a sale. More than one, actually.

Good Day at the BeachIf you’ve been waiting for the perfect reason to get your vision checked then we’ve got good news for you. The perfect time is now. We have several sales events taking place through the month of December including rebates on CIBA vision products and holiday gift card specials. Call or stop by to learn more about all our events and you might think about visiting your dentist, too.

Don’t wait! We’ll make your vision perfect for the holidays, call today.


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