Appropriate Age for Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses were invented in the early 1900s and in fact, Leonardo da Vinci is credited with the concept behind contact lenses way back in the early 1500s!

Popular usage of the lenses didn’t emerge until the 1950s and 1960s. Initially, the contacts were made of glass, that was heavy and uncomfortable. Today’s lenses are mostly plastic and very soft, which makes them comfortable to wear and easy to care for.

Persons of all ages enjoy wearing contact lenses. Some benefits are full peripheral vision; self-confidence and great to wear during activities like sports and dancing.

Is there a best age to start wearing contact lenses? The answer is not as easy as yes or no because many factors need to be considered. In other words, its a decision that is made on a case-by-case circumstance.

With guidance and support from their parents, most children can wear contact lenses. It’s a matter of keeping them clean and teaching the child how to properly insert and remove the lenses, which can be challenging for some. If the child isn’t patient or feels squeamish about things touching their eyes, he or she may not make a good contact lens candidate. Additionally, proper cleaning and storage must be taught and exercised. Even the most practiced contact lens wearer has to remember that hygiene is a major factor in eye care, and observing the proper care of contact lenses is crucial to avoiding infection or injury.

Are you ready for contact lenses? Do you have an active child that may benefit from wearing contact lenses? Call or come in today to find out if you or your child are ready for contact lens use. We have plenty of appointment times to fit your schedule and we currently have rebates and discounts available on our contact lens brands.

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Kind Words

Online pollIn this age of sharing, its easy to express yourself and provide your opinions on just about everything. People value opinions and experiences and just a few words from a customer are more powerful than the most glamorous print ad or commercial. Most websites have feedback forms, polls, comment forms, forums and other devices all geared towards helping you share your opinion or experience. But why?

First, learning what other people think about a product or service helps buyers decide before they buy. Have you purchased a book from Amazon without reading a few comments first? What about an item from eBay? Do you check the seller’s rate before you make that bid? The more knowledgeable you are about a product or company before you buy gives you confidence in your decision, even if you’re only spending a few bucks.

Additionally, providing comments allows companies to fine tune their products or service. Whether you were happy or a little dissatisfied (or very dissatisfied), companies want to hear about it.  A good review or comment lets a company know they’re doing things right. Who doesn’t love a pat on the back? If there’s a problem, however, you can bet it will be fixed or in some way remedied as quickly as possible. Every company values every single customer they serve and if something’s not right, they won’t (or shouldn’t) stop trying until it is right and everybody’s happy. Ultimately, its a win-win.

Have you participated in social sharing? Have you left a comment, taken part in a poll or survey or even just said “THANKS A BUNCH” on Facebook? If you haven’t, why not try it? Your opinion might save somebody a little time and money or give that small business owner the boost they need to get them through the day. You really do matter and sharing your opinion or experience has never been so easy. Share!


Make Vision Care Part of your New Year Plans

Happy New Year and welcome to 2012. Are you making new goals and plans for the New Year? Do those plans include your health and vision care?

While many of us take the time to ponder our lives and make plans to improve it in some areas, we often overlook some of the basics like our health and vision care. Sure, dieting is usually near the the top of the list, but vision care – an important component of your overall health – rarely makes an appearance in the top ten.

As an aside, here are the most common New Year Resolutions according to

Take the time this January to make an appointment for an eye exam. You’ll feel good about yourself, its an easy step to take towards a healthier lifestyle, and you’ll see 2012 through clear, healthy eyes. Make your appointment today.